Relicta News- We want to be PART OF THE SOLUTION

Relicta News-     We want to be  PART OF THE SOLUTION


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CLab Uniss, 2017
Start Cup Sardegna, 2017
Build Up, 2018
Change!, 2019
InnovationLab, 2020
Climate-kic Italy, 2020
EIT - Food Jumpstarter, 2020
Accelerate in Israel, 2020
Climate-Kic Italy
Bologna, 2020
Innovation Labs
Cagliari, Jan 2020
Change! Factory Impresa Invitalia
Rome, Dec 2019
Intesa San Paolo - LVenture
Rome, Nov 2019
Italian CLab Network
Sassari, May 2019
Sea Food Global Expo
Brussels, May 2019
Stintino Plastic Free
Stintino, Apr 2019
San Francisco - Washington, Feb - May 2019
Build Up
Madrid, Nov 2018
Shouth Summit
Madrid, Oct 2018
Rumundu Accademy
Alghero, Sep 2018
Marittimo Tech
Sassari, Apr - Sept 2018
Milano, Feb 2018
Uk international trade
Aosta, Feb 2018
Premio Nazionale Innovazione
Napoli, Dec 2017
Start Cup Sardegna
Sassari, Dec 2017
Contamination Lab
Sassari, May - Sep 2017