Relicta Technology- We want to be PART OF THE SOLUTION

Relicta Technology-     We want to be  PART OF THE SOLUTION


Flexible solution 
Our product is a water-soluble, biodegradable, compostable, transparent and odourless bioplastic that combines these properties with strength and flexibility. 
Relicta bioplastic is equal in versatility to traditional plastics. it can be heat-sealed for the production of various types of containers such as envelopes or sachets. Our technology allow to keep the vacuum inside the packaging.
It is also heat shrinkable therefore it can be used for packaging suitable for transport. Our product, despite the strong affinity to water, shows considerable resistance in very humid environments, such as inside a refrigerator. Under normal conditions of use, the properties of plastic do not change over several months (about 12) and resists to rain or direct and non-continuous jets of water.
How it works

We think that the future goes towards soluble bioplastics.
Our product is soluble in hot water and can be easily disposed of at home! 
In sea water it degrades in 20 days without leaving any trace!